Dr. Kang Lee's Development Lab

In Press Publications

1)     Lee, K., Quinn, P.C., Olivier, P. (in press). Other-race effect and racial bias: A Perceptual-Social Linkage Hypothesis Current Directions in Psychological Science.

2)     Lee, K., Quinn, P.C., & Heyman, G. D. (in press). Rethinking the emergence and development of implicit racial bias: A Perceptual-Social Linkage Hypothesis. In E. Turiel, N.Budwig, and P. Zelazo (Eds.), New Perspectives on Human Development. Cambridge U Press.

3)     Satoh, P.P., Miao, K. Q., Quinn, P.C., Heyman, G., & Lee, K. (in press). Children’s race categorization predicts implicit racial bias. Child Development.

4)     Xiao, N. G., Wu, R., Quinn, P. C., Liu, S., Tummeltshammer, K. S., Kirkham, N. Z., Ge, L., Pascalis, O., & Lee, K. (in press). Infants rely more on gaze cues from own-race than other-race adults for learning under uncertainty. Child Development.

5)     Xiao, N. G., Quinn, P. C., Liu, S., Ge, L., Pascalis, O., & Lee, K. (in press). Facial movements facilitate part-based, not holistic, processing in children, adolescents, and adults. Developmental Psychology.

6)     Xiao, N. G., Quinn, P. C., Liu, S., Ge, L., Pascalis, O., & Lee, K. (in press). Older but not younger infants associate own-race faces with happy music and other-race faces with sad music. Developmental Science.

7)     Ding, X. P., Heyman, G., Fu, G., & Lee, K. (in press). Young children discover how to deceive in 10 days: A microgenetic study. Developmental Science.

8)     Qian, M., Quinn, P., Heyman, G., Pascalis, O., Fu, G., & Lee, K. (in press). Perceptual individuation training (but not mere exposure) reduces implicit racial bias in preschool children. Developmental Psychology.

9)     Judges, R., Gallant, S.N., Yang, L., & Lee, K. (in press). The Role of cognition, personality, and trust in fraud victimization in older adults. Frontiers in Psychology.

10)  Creel, S. C., Weng, M., Fu, G., Heyman, G. D., & Lee, K. (2017). Speaking a tone language enhances musical pitch perception in 3-5-year-olds. Developmental Science.

11)  Ellis, A.E., Xiao, N.G., Lee, K., & Oakes, L.M. (in press). Scanning of own- versus other-race faces in infants from racially diverse or homogenous communities. Developmental Psychobiology.

12)  Damon, F., Méary, D.,  Quinn, PC., Lee, K., Simpson, E.A., Aukner, A.P,  Suomi, S.J., & Pascalis. O. (in press). Preference for facial averageness: Evidence for a common mechanism in human and macaque infants. Scientific Report.